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Occult Services & Spiritual Consultancy

As a working occultist, Gemma is available for consultation providing her client base with various traditional services from divinatory readings to operative magical arts. Working amidst the Cornish Moors, Gemma crafts traditional charms, amulets, talismans, powders and oils employing herbal substances, talismanic inscriptions and natural materials harvested from the local forests and wild moors.

Following their crafting by hand, each item is ritually consecrated and charged at a time determined by occult principles to enhance the virtues required.

The traditional ‘service magicians’ and ‘white witches’ have long provided such magical items and substances for personal and household usage. Personal magical items are those that are intended to be worn or carried upon the person, such as by suspension about the neck via a cord, or by being kept in one’s pocket or bag. Such items are intended to work directly for the individual, attracting unto them the flow of virtues desired or averting those that are not. Household charms however are those that are intended to be installed somewhere within the home, or other building, traditionally at the hearth, windows, or doors. Such charms exert their influence upon the whole building and those who reside or work therein, again drawing in those virtues required, and exorcising or keeping out those that are undesirable or harmful.

While physical charms, amulets and talismans are made and employed to exert their influence over an individual or environment over an indefinite period of time, spells and magical rituals are undertaken for more immediate matters. For these Gemma makes use of such traditional methods as the candle and pin, knot and cord, magical Psalm recitation and herbal burnings and boilings.

For all matters, Gemma is available to provide readings with the aim of providing clarity and direction of purpose utilising such time honoured methods as the tarot and runic castings alongside ‘shew-stone’ and smoke gazing.

Always, all services are provided with compassion and absolute confidentiality.

In keeping with the tradition that Cornish practitioners would hawk their services in Penzance, Charms, amulets and talismans crafted by Gemma are available to buy in Troy Book’s shop, close to Penzance’s ‘Holy Headland’ and ancient harbour.

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Services available:

  • The crafting of charms, amulets and substances
  • Talismanic magic
  • Spell working
  • Spiritual investigations, blessings and exorcisms
  • Readings