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Kord Bucca (Cornish, Clan Bucca) is a body of Craft initiates arising from Ros an Bucca (Circle of the Bucca) – a West of Cornwall Craft circle possessed of mixed Old Craft, traditional, and ‘Wica’ lineage streams alongside inherited traditions of British cunning Craft.

Whilst Ros an Bucca operates in West Cornwall, Kord Bucca consists of Fellows in many parts of the world who come together where possible to attend private gatherings of the Kord.

Our tributaries of inheritance produce a confluence giving rise to the unique egregore and Craft stream taught and reified within the rites and workings of Ros an Bucca and the Kord. Herein is a Craft characterised by a fording of the way betwixt the worlds, by which to forge working relationships with the eldritch, the numen of the land, and the tides of power. Such relationships reside at the heart of the elder traditions of witchcraft.

Ros an Bucca gathers within places of liminality within the Cornish landscape, depending on the nature of the rite or working – the caves, sacred wells, the intertidal shore, the stone stile and thorny hedge, the ancient menhir or field’s edge.

Outside of the Kord’s gatherings, the Fellows of the Kord residing elsewhere in the world undertake the work of adapting the workings for their own circumstance and landscape, thus with each Fellow the tradition is born anew.

Whilst Ros an Bucca and the Kord do not actively seek applicants and offer no correspondence course, sincere aspirants, if deemed suited, are invited to undertake a prescribed series of vigils, and workings. Of those who make the assay, an invitation to Admittance may be given.

In Cornwall, alongside the closed rites of the Kord, we offer a number of open seasonal ceremonies via Sarf hag Eth (serpent and hearth) throughout the year for those seeking an introduction to group ritual.