Gemma Gary - Divider

A devoted Craft initiate and practitioner of the Arte Magical, Gemma lives and works from her home on the Cornish moors and within the surrounding landscapes – rich in ancient sites, folklore, seasonal customs and magical tradition.

Of Romany blood and inclined naturally to the esoteric and the eldritch, Gemma became a student of the Mysteries at a young age, entering into and experiencing various Craft traditions through her late teens and early twenties inclusive of Alexandrian and Gardnerian covens as well as traditional and Old Craft initiatory streams.

With a longstanding, working interest in operative ‘cunning craft’ and the correlative grimoire tradition, Gemma has for many years fulfilled the traditional role of service magician via folk-ceremonial magic and the provision of charms, amulets, talismans, blessings and banishments.

For over twenty years, Gemma has served as the Dyawles (magistra) of the initiatory covine Ros an Bucca, working the rites and Mysteries of the Arte Magical within the Cornish landscape, as well as guiding aspirants and Fellows internationally via the sodality of Kord Bucca.

Gemma has authored six books on operative witchcraft and magic and has contributed to numerous other titles. Since 2008, together with her partner, Jane Cox, Gemma has worked to bring many magical, folkloric and esoteric titles to publication via the establishment of Troy Books, which has steadily grown to become one of the magical community’s most respected and successful publishing houses, representing both emerging and established authors.