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gemma-gary2Welcome to the web-pages of Gemma Gary; writer and devoted practitioner of the Arte Magical. Gemma lives and works in the far west of Cornwall; a land rich in ancient sites, folklore, seasonal customs and magical tradition.

Gemma possesses a longstanding interest in operative ‘old style’ witchcraft, folk magic and ‘cunning’ traditions of her home landscape and beyond. She pursues a personal, animistic path, deriving her Craft from the presences, virtues and the lore of place, and is active in the revival and reification of the ways of the working witch and ‘pellar’, both in her writing and her magical practice.

A British ‘Old Craft’ initiate, Gemma serves as the founder of the Craft Order Kord Bucca, and has served as ‘Dyawles’ of the covine Ros an Bucca in Cornwall for many years.

Gemma is also active within her local ‘guize’ customs, is a longstanding supporter of Cornwall’s world famous Museum of Witchcraft & Magic and has served as a trustee for its ‘Friends’ organisation.

These web-pages serve to provide news and information on Gemma’s current books, upcoming releases and events.