The Passing of Michael Howard

The Autumnal tide brought with it the sad news of the passing of an Elder of the Craft; Michael Howard. Indeed his passing is a sad loss, yet we must recognise that the Craft was enriched by his presence and his devotion to it. By his considerable and valuable output, both via his many books and his journal The Cauldron, in publication since the 1970s, and via the many connections that were forged by his unseen work, the Craft shall continue to be enriched long into the future.

I knew Mike to be kind, generous, supportive and truly wise, with advice that continues to stand me in good stead.

Child of Earth

Do you understand
Child of Earth,
Your heritage of old?
Have you seen
The blasted oak,
The Shining Ones at dawn?
Is the night a dark cold tomb,
Or the Lady’s silver womb?

Have you walked
The woodland ways,
Spoken to the trees?
Is your heart a magic centre,
The kingdom of the Gods?

Do you hear the Wild Hunter’s horn,
See the hounds a-following,
Kiss the stone that blesses all,
The merry sign of Puck,
Can you cast the circle round,
To watch the rites of joy?

Are the leaves your resting place
The stars your guides above?
The Hollow Hill your chosen goal
The Good Folk your kith and kin?
Do you understand
Child of Earth
Your heritage of old?

Michael Howard (1948-2015)


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  1. John Ro Ogden November 1, 2015 at 3:18 pm #

    I have been away from the magical scene for a few months whilst relocating to Cornwall and so i missed this very sad news on the passing of Michael Howard.

    We corresponded a number of times when i was looking into my own magical pathway and he was always happy to give me the help i required even when i probably asked somewhat simple questions.
    even supplying me with a whole list of books and publications to seek out.

    A true gentleman in word and deed.

    My only regret is that i never got to meet him in person, and he has passed before i managed to finish my first magical novel, as he had so kindly asked to read it if and when i finished it, but i thank him now for all the help he gave me.

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