Open Rituals 2015

I am delighted to announce that I shall be offering open seasonal rituals to our esoteric and pagan community via the Penwith Moot.

Such rituals are an opportunity to gather together with others of like mind in our community, to connect and commune with the turning tides of the seasons within the beautiful and sacred ancient landscapes of West Penwith.

Initially, I can confirm that I shall be offering four rituals per year for the ‘main’ high nights – The Hallows/Samhain, Candlemas/Imbolc, May’s Eve/Beltane, and Lammas/Lughnasadh. However, should time permit, other rituals of the yearly cycle will be offered and announced here and on the Penwith Moot web-site.

All folk of good intent are welcome to celebrate with us…

Skull leafs Gemma Gary

The Hallows, Samhain and locally ‘Allantide’, marks the beginning of winter, when the ‘the Serpent’; the telluric fire and life force of the land withdraws into the earth, and we follow this fire on an inward journey of withdrawal. Upon this night, the way between the worlds is opened, and the spirits of the dead may freely cross into our world, and we may freely journey into theirs…

And so, this is a night of communion with our beloved ancestors, and of kindling and guarding the fire of the land as well as our own inner fires through the coming winter months. As the death of the old year, and the birth of the new, it is also a time of celebration and an affirmation of life.

Please wear black, or dark coloured clothes and wrap up warm. Stout footwear and a small torch will also be a good idea. Please bring firewood to contribute to our bonfire (removing any slugs, snails or insects first!), a large red apple, picnic/finger food to share, Musical instruments (especially drums) and £2 towards costs as usual. There is no seating, so you may wish to bring a rug or a fold up chair.

Our new venue for this and other rites is at Bosavern Community Farm, near St Just. Here a beautiful straw and mud round house with a turf roof (to be sown with native wildflowers) has recently been created. This provides us with both outdoor and atmospheric indoor spaces in which to celebrate, both with views of the sea and Chapel Carn Brea. We are delighted that our celebration will be the first event to take place there, and we shall be including a blessing for the new building in our rite.

Bosavern round hut1

Bosavern round hut2

For more information about the venue and our rituals, please visit the Moot web-site.

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