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The Placing of the Giant’s Capstone

On a gloriously hot and bright Midsummer’s day, Jane, Inky, our friend Dave and myself made our way once again to beautiful Treslothan for the placing of the almost ten ton capstone upon the three uprights of the restored Giant’s Quoit. We were aware that this was going to be a special event – a […]

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Spirit Trees & The Amulet Market

In June last year, Jane and I made a return visit to Bangkok; our last visit being nearly ten years ago. The city had changed in many ways in that time; the pollution heavy air, so thick you could taste and ‘feel’ it, had made a strong impression. Rather perversely, I was almost looking forward […]

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The Raising of the Othostats

Time for another posting, in true ‘dreckly’ style! On May the 2nd, Jane, Inky and I returned to Treslothan and to ‘Frying Pan Field’ to witness the re-erection of the remaining two othostats of the collapsed ‘Giant’s Quiot’, the first of the three having been re-erected back at Hallowe’en 2013. We arrived a little late, […]

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