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When I grew up I wanted to be, and believed I would be, an artist. I think it was natural to believe this; I have always been surrounded by art. My immediate family have been artists, variously for pleasure or professionally. As a small child I delighted in climbing the staircases on all fours to […]

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Boscastle Old Christmas & Wassail

© Andrew Watkins Storms raged, lashing Cornwall with powerful winds and unrelenting heavy rain, until, as if by magic, the morning of January the 6th arrived in dry serenity and stillness. On this day we returned to Boscastle to celebrate Old Christmas with Cornish winter customs. Our central ceremony last year was ‘Chalking the Mock’, […]

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St Piran’s day in St Buryan

Photo by Phil Green Here are a few photos from March 5th of our celebration in the village for St Piran’s Day (Patron Saint of tin miners and regarded by some as our Patron Saint of Cornwall). The day was organised by the Cornish Culture Association, and involved the Raffidy Dumitz band and Tros an […]

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London and the Decad of Intelligence

It was a surprise, an honour and a delight to have been invited by Robert Ansell to take part in the launch event for Fulgur’s publication of Ithell Colquhoun’s Decad of Intelligence. It seems to be a strangely magical time surrounding Ithell at the moment. This long overlooked female surrealist artist, writer and occultist has […]

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Catching Up…

Well, over a year has passed since I last felt inclined to post an update here, and so here’s another ‘dreckly’ Cornish style catch-up with a few things I can remember that have happened since then. Following Allantide 2015, Britain headed into a winter of wild storms with terrible floods in the North. Here in […]

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The Hallows & 21 Years of the Penwith Moot

Pagans and occultists from across West Cornwall and beyond gathered together near St Just, to celebrate the Hallows, Samhain, or Allantide/Kalan Gwav as it was known in Cornwall. Our ritual began under a clear night sky around the bonfire where we contemplated and communed with the place, the season and the descent of the ‘fire […]

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Open Rituals 2015

I am delighted to announce that I shall be offering open seasonal rituals to our esoteric and pagan community via the Penwith Moot. Such rituals are an opportunity to gather together with others of like mind in our community, to connect and commune with the turning tides of the seasons within the beautiful and sacred […]

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Magica Sexualis

We were very excited to have been contacted recently by artist and author Barry William Hale who was keen to include photography by Jane Cox in a New York art exhibition. ‘Magica Sexualis’ is a show, co-curated by Barry Hale, at the Stephen Romano Gallery; The exhibition will run from October 29th to December […]

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Harvest Moon

Last month, saw my return to East Anglia after an absence of twelve or thirteen or so years for the Harvest Moon Festival on the 26th. It is a land that holds a special place in my thoughts, for it is home to good friends, and Lowestoft, the most easterly part of the country, is […]

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