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The Passing of Michael Howard

The Autumnal tide brought with it the sad news of the passing of an Elder of the Craft; Michael Howard. Indeed his passing is a sad loss, yet we must recognise that the Craft was enriched by his presence and his devotion to it. By his considerable and valuable output, both via his many books […]

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A Good Summer

On the Friday the 15th of May, Jane, Inky and I made our way up to Boscastle for the Museum of Witchcraft & Magic’s annual start of summer event. After checking into our suite in the newly renovated old Mill House, we relaxed in the bar of The Wellington Hotel where it was a wonderful […]

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The Devil’s Dozen

It has been observed before that the production of occult books can be fraught with strange difficulties, as though the spirit presence to dwell within the pages can cause havoc in the printing and binding process – particularly with machinery. It was really no surprise that this was to be the case with the production […]

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Mayhorns 2015

On the 3rd of May, we dressed in our best green finery, took up horns and drums and made our way with friends over to Newlyn for the annual Mayhorns celebration. Here, people celebrate the beginning of Summer in style by processing from the Tolcarne Inn in Newlyn to the Benbow Inn in Penzance. The […]

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Pagan Federation Wessex Conference

I have never been one for giving talks – my painful shyness kicks in all too often when speaking with friends, let alone to an audience, and when I last gave a talk, many years ago, it was something I swore I would never put myself through again, but then shyness is also a problem […]

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Old Joan, Cecil Williamson & J.A. Smith

Deep within the Museum of Witchcraft & Magic in Boscastle, North Cornwall, continuing Cecil Williamson’s tradition of museum tableaux, is Joan’s Cottage. Here, a warm and kindly looking 19th century south-west wise-woman sits in her humble home, surrounded by her animal friends, her collection of magical and curative herbs lined up ready for use on […]

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Folklore Symposium & Bude Conference

This year looks to be an exciting and active one here in the South-West, and beyond, with many interesting events and conferences lined up. On February 21st, Jane and I made our way up, with Simon Reed, to the Folklore Symposium, held at the Eden Project, and organised by Alex Langstone and Steve Patterson. It […]

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Publishing News & Special Editions

2014 was an exciting year for special and fine editions. I had already had the pleasure of seeing my second book, ‘The Black Toad’, beautifully hand bound in cloth, goat leather and toad skin back in 2013, and was eager to see my first book, ‘Traditional Witchcraft – A Cornish Book of Ways’ given the […]

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